In the coming weeks, the Tax University will start renovating the classrooms on the fifth and sixth floors of the central building.

The first part of the aid in the form of construction materials from the charity organisation "Centre for Volunteering and Protection" has already been delivered to the construction site.

Also, thanks to a large-scale fundraiser announced by our alumnus, founder of the Ukrainian brand ANOESES, Konstantin Savvopulo, we managed to raise about UAH 410 thousand to restore the damaged premises.

It is planned to complete the renovation of 28 classrooms of the central building as soon as possible so that students of the State Tax University can start the new academic year in the walls of their native Alma Mater.

The funds raised are enough to start the reconstruction, but not enough to complete it. That is why the fundraising for the reconstruction of the State Tax University continues. You can join in by following this link. Our goal is UAH 1,800,000.