On April 30, an engaging, interactive online session unfolded with the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Marс Angel, connecting students from the State Tax University, the Kyiv School of Economics, and the Baltic International Academy.

Under the theme "Let's Demystify Europe! Understanding the Aims and Values of the EU", the session delved into various topics. Oleksandra Voloshyna introduced the State Tax University and opened the interactive session with her question. Vladyslav Faraponov represented the Kyiv School of Economics, and Polina Vinogradova showcased the Baltic International Academy.

Students posed questions to the Vice-President, ranging from the inner workings of the European Parliament to EU assistance for Ukraine during martial law, sanctions against Russia, asset confiscation, and pressing issues like digitalisation and addressing contemporary global challenges in Europe.

Concluding his address, Mr. Angel expressed optimism for Ukraine's future, envisioning it as a prospective member of the European Union, and extended his best wishes to all participants.

The event was organised in cooperation with the vice-rector for scientific work, Oleksandra Smirnova, the international department, Nadiia Novytska, Associate Professor of the Department of Management Accounting and Business Analytics of the State Tax University, and Clara Moraru, director of the Languages.lu.

This dynamic gathering formed a pivotal part of the Erasmus Plus project "Strengthening the European Identity and Civic Engagement through Social & Digital Educational Activities", spearheaded by Group Moraru sàrl.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Mrs. Clara Moraru for her impeccable organisation and moderation, Vice-President Marс Angel for his enlightening and motivational discourse with our students, as well as Dmytro Iarovyi from the Kyiv School of Economics and Zanna Cernostana from the Baltic International Academy, whose unwavering support bolstered this initiative.

As we look ahead, we anticipate further collaboration and disseminating knowledge about the European Union and its values among the younger generation!