As part of the series of guest lectures at the STU, an online lecture by Raffaele Petruzzi was held on 4 October 2023 at the invitation of the Fiscal Administration Department of the Fiscal Service of Ukraine. The lecturer is the Managing Director of the WU Transfer Pricing Centre at the WU Institute of Austrian and International Tax Law, as well as an international tax advisor specialising in international corporate taxation and transfer pricing at L&P Global (Vienna) and Ludovici Piccone & Partners (Milan)! Lecture topic: "International taxation".

The event was of great interest to students and teachers of the State Tax University, so more than 60 people joined the lecture!

The lecturer constantly emphasised that each state loses significant tax revenues as a result of aggressive tax planning by multinational corporations (to transfer income to jurisdictions with more favourable tax regimes), restructuring of business models to reduce the tax base, etc.

Raffaele Petruzzi highlighted the peculiarities of international taxation and transfer pricing. The issues related to transfer pricing were very interestingly explained, as according to the OECD guidelines, one of the priority goals for which transfer pricing is introduced is the development of international trade and international investment. This area is the most attractive for the use of tax minimisation schemes. By its very nature, international trade is the most vulnerable to taxation, which creates the possibility of applying various tax evasion schemes, accompanied by a low probability of their detection and disclosure.

Students and teachers of the State Tax University listened to Raffaele Petruzzi's lecture with great pleasure.  Everyone received interesting and new information. After the lecture, Raffaele Petruzzi answered all the questions of the audience.
We would like to thank Raffaele Petruzzi for his professional approach to the lecture and for the useful and relevant experience he sincerely shared with us.

We look forward to the next lecture by Professor Raffaele Petruzzi!